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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Lady Garden: Top Secret Gig

Lady Garden

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard


Low Down

Sketch comedy is a notoriously savage and unforgiving genre. Get it right, and you create brilliant, fantastic moments of comedy. Get it even slightly wrong, and you crash and burn. Horribly. There’s no middle ground. It would seem that Lady Garden have yet to fail, and in fact, year by year, they’re simply getting better and better.


Keeping in with the theme of their 2010 show, we won’t spoil any of the jokes. So that means we can’t go into detail about an absolutely sublime opening gag, which is particularly good for returning fans, but by no means alienates the uninitiated (Lady Virgins?). We also don’t want to spoil the jokes that have a Russian accent, and it would seem churlish to go into details about a sketch that appears to feature a hymn as written by Richard Dawkins.

We can tell you, however, that the entire team is upping their game, so much so that, more than ever before, there’s no easily apparent star performer pulling focus at the expense of her colleagues – although that is, to a lesser or greater degree, the theme of a couple of cute sketches that, for the want of a better phrase, happen inbetween the other sketches. It’s also worth noting that a series of sketches features a lone performer, and while the purpose of that is serve a running gag, it highlights that none of the rest of the team get a sketch where they have the stage to themselves, something that is a loss.
However, that’s picky. This is gorgeous, laugh out loud, and clever sketch comedy, with a group of very likeable and funny performers.