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Edinburgh Fringe 2010


English Touring Theatre

Genre: Musical Theatre

Venue:  Pleasance, Ace Dome.


Low Down

This one-man show explores the life of a wayward singer, Oscar. He lives fast: women, drugs and parties are an everyday occurrence. However, this lifestyle is merely skin deep, below the surface is the story of a troubled man, riddled by a failed relationship. Wonderfully acted by the charming Omar, soul legend, this is a great and humbling way to spend fifty minutes.



The venue, Pleasance Ace Dome, works perfectly with the story. The audience gathers on jazz-club style tables, dotted around the piano that takes centre stage. Oscar interacts with the audience throughout, wandering between the tables and casually leaning against the bar, to order a brandy. The atmosphere is buzzing and the façade of a dingy jazz club is created perfectly especially for five in the afternoon!

Direction is faultless: the partnership between Omar and director Che Walker is one made in heaven. Oscar prowls around the ‘club’ and is utterly convincing throughout.

The writing is original and witty. Although it’s not laugh a minute, there is a perfect balance between poignant narrative and tongue in cheek comedy. The piece, furthermore, takes an unexpected direction: the lovestory that you believe to be at centre is bypassed by a truly heartwarming conclusion, proving that even the roughest of diamonds can settle down and experience love. It is truly successful as a piece of new writing.

The piece is also layered with intermittent burst of jazz and soul music, wonderfully composed and performed by NAME. Throughout the piece he proves himself to be a wonderfully multi-talented performer and well deserving on his starring role.

Received with a standing ovation, this is bound to be a sell out show.  Heartwarming, in part hilarious and brilliantly humbling, I can whole-heartedly recommend that you go and watch it.