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Edinburgh Fringe 2010


Canal Cafe Theatre

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard


Low Down

 NewsRevue is becoming somewhat of an Edinburgh institution. For the last five years it has received the prestigious “sell out fringe” crest and is well known amongst Fringe veterans to be a must-see show. Worthy of every seat sold – NewsRevue is a true gem and is thoroughly entertaining throughout.



NewsRevue is a series of satirical, musical sketches predominantly about modern culture and politics. From Big Brother to Alistar Darling, X-Factor to Nick Clegg, the show is quite expansive and doesn’t merely stick to political satire, which is refreshing.

All four of the performers are wonderful: they have sharp comic timing, strong vocals and hold the stage with acute professionalism. Costume changes are rapid throughout, which only adds to the comedy, the ridiculous. Finally, hats off to the pianist who was note perfect throughout and added a sense of cabaret to the whole show.

On the whole, the show was original and the most tickling of sketches were the ones that were innovative. However, from time to time, the material did slip into somewhat ‘old-news’ territory and were a little bit tired. Nigella Lawson, for example, as a sexual temptress, was first mocked many years ago and Gordon Brown’s poor sight is hardly the most acute observation to joke about.

Giving the current political situation, I commend NewsRevue for only using four Nick Clegg/David Cameron sketches: they could have easily let it overrun the whole piece but it certainly didn’t. However, one sketch involving a Big Brother- style British Soldier in Afghanistan eviction out to face the Al Qaeda – in which the evicted ‘housemate’ was told to wave goodbye to his family and kids live on BBC News 24 – was dangerously close to the bone, and was received with a somewhat painful slow-clap from the audience.

Overall, though, NewsRevue is very entertaining and well worth buying tickets for!