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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Pappy’s All Buisness

Pappy's in association with Phill McIntyre Entertainment

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Pleasance One, Pleasance Courtyard


Low Down

Last year, Pappy’s Fun Club was an out and out hit. In fact, it was the one show I was told several times that I should have seen. Making it my mission to catch them, I did have high expectations, ones that were certainly not dashed on the night. Totally silly but wonderfully executed, these guys live up to their prestigious name.


The basic premise of the show is that we the audience are potential share holders, ones that the trio must impress in order for us to invest in their company. However, they have forgotten to pay vital bills and, all of a sudden, the need for money is far more dire that originally anticipated. With help from four-foot-Fred’s three step plan, Pappy’s race through their cheapest, yet most impressive sketches in order to win us over.

The best thing about Pappy’s is that their material is really stupid: from a pooing cockerel, to a singing dog, back to passing around bisto cubes in order to represent the ‘stock exchange.’ It doesn’t attempt to be overly intelligent and strays away from the popularity political satire that many shows in Edinburgh attempt. In no way does it take itself too seriously, and that in turn makes it so watchable.
This may sound like somewhat of a back-handed compliment, but it’s really not. The material is totally original and absolutely hilarious. One of the hardest things to achieve in comedy is originality and Pappy’s have hit upon something that is great and completely run with it: it’s not as easy as it looks to pull of daft humour. Hats off to them!
The three talented comedians work hard to get the audience on their side very quickly, and are immediately successful. As well as having a great script behind them, they combine sharp comic timing with hilarious physical comedy. These guys really have the whole package.
Pappy’s All Business is brilliant: well worth every penny spent on the ticket. If they continue to outshine the competition in this way, I’ll definitely be investing.