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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

The Scaredy-Cat Prince

Sell a Door Theatre Company and Open Doors Theatrical Academy

Genre: Children's Theatre

Venue: C Venues


Low Down

 An enjoyable and well acted bit of story theatre from Sell a Door Theatre  about a Prince who learns courage with the help of a clever princess!


Plenty of energy marks this production out for its infectious commitment by a cast of two, an ideal set for a fairy tale – a tower with a princess with long hair, trapped at the top! What more could we ask for?

An accessible tale for kids, though not too young toddlers, we have a morality story about courage and keeping faith. There’s some wonderful knockabout humour that allows a girl to give a boy a run for his money! The musical score works a treat and the singing is of mixed quality though both performers acquit themselves well as actors.

When the music and singing is at its best it’s top quality, the pace is well managed and written throughout, the story moves along with the help of both enjoyable and engaging dialogue as well as some direct narration that keeps the audience on-story.

I do find it a shame that adult references are made in such children’s shows, such as to Simon Cowell. It does nothing to maintain the sense of magic and timelessness and is unnecessary. Sometimes the singing was a bit below par and fell out of tune.

Overall, an enjoyable bit of story theatre and well worth the hour at C Venues.