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Edinburgh Fringe 2011

So on and So Forth: Human Era

So on and So Forth

Genre: Comedy


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Low Down

 So on and So Forth are are sketch comedy trio enjoying Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival for the first time. Devastated by the tragic loss of their fourth member Quentin, they have continued on to create a high energy and commitment to the hour of fast paced sketch. At Quentin’s death appears to have an impact on the young trio, but commendably they battle on through. 


 So on and So Forth combine slick one line sketches, with longer and more detailed material to create at times ridiculous punchlines and incredible scenarios. The structure and balance of this show creates an atmosphere where the audience feel at home, and warm to the performers, allowing their more fantastical sketches to have maximum impact. Further to this, it is particularly refreshing to see performers working an audience in the manner that So on and So Forth do, openly acknowledging their skills and weaknesses to the audience allows them to easily switch between scenes. Punctuating the work with short sharp moments of direct address, allows a personal atmosphere to be created throughout the auditorium. 
It is difficult to discuss the material in too much detail without giving too much away, however particular highlights included a gentleman trying to do a good thing for the guides, a unnervingly confident boxer, and a rocket scientist who lacks a certain amount of common sense. The trio establish their roles well, Martin, one of the three takes on the role of the clown, whilst the others take on more of the character based roles. Dressed in 3 piece suits these are gentleman who are as smart and sophisticated as they are stupid. 
Human Era, for the most part is loosely strung together by a simple exploration of how, across time, it is possible for human error to lead to mishap and mischief. So on and So Forth create an hour of sketch, which allows us to not only belly laugh at the characters who appear on stage, but to also laugh at ourselves and the errors we make. Already seen on the BBC’s Culture Show, these guys are certainly a sketch trio to watch out for.