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Edinburgh Fringe 2011

The I Hate Children Children’s Show

Paul Nathan and John Anaya

Genre: Children's Theatre


 Zoo Southside


Low Down

Not only a magician, but also a king of witty banter, Paul Nathan along with musician John Anaya spend 45 minutes ‘wowing the crowd’ incorporating every child in the audience (a promise he keeps), and reducing everyone to tears … of laughter!


True or not, the suggestion by Paul Nathan that he is only performing a children’s show at the Edinburgh Fringe because he lost a bet, creates the comic tone that continues throughout this magic show.  Whilst he claims in his title to actually hate children, his intention, according to his website, is that everyone is a star in his show.  This he achieves easily as he ensures that each child in the audience is included at least once, assisting him on stage, and having their photo taken with him, so that no-one goes home disappointed.
I would find it hard to believe that any of the adults would go home disappointed either.  Nathan’s casual repartee had everyone laughing continuously … I was reduced to tears!  The teamwork and banter between Nathan and musician John Anaya, meant that you were absorbed every moment from beginning to end.  Anaya’s ease and skill on the guitar is another element in this show that is possibly appreciated more by the adults than the children … but I think that is probably intentional!
This show is not scripted … it is purely a live magic show for children (and their adults), with a pre-set number of tricks and illusions that he uses in no particular order … but the skill and expertise of these well-seasoned performers, along with elements of comedy and live music, guarantees a thoroughly engaging and outstanding performance every time.

Five stars:  Outstanding 


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