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Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Wasted Love

One Academy Productions

Genre: Musical Theatre


 C Venues


Low Down

 Students from RSAMD present “Wasted Love” a new musical, which has rightfully picked up 4 MTM nominations at this years festival. Set in a support group for those who are struggling to deal with various break ups, or those who have problems finding love, Wasted Love is quite literally a musical sharing of problems. The writers have explored the complicated world of relationships with both honesty and humour in a highlight of this years musical theatre programme. 


 Lead by pianist and therapist, Gavin, (who also arranged the production) the group relive their memories from previous relationships, and unified by the sharing gesture of clasped hands, the group move from one ailment to the next. From John, a man who isn’t a stalker but follows women to protect them from other stalkers, to Brandy, who continually asks “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME??” this is a musical which is full of belly laughs from start to finish. 
The cast as a whole are accomplished and exciting musical theatre performers. All of the company members showcase their talents, attacking their songs with commitment, energy leading to performances of show-stopping quality. Particularly successful is John McLarnon’s comedy delivery of the number “Bet your glad I’m not a killer”, and the song of Serenity which is accompanied by the heartfelt message of “you don’t have to believe it now, just know that one day you might”.
It was a real pleasure to see a group of young actors enjoying performing to this extent. The chemistry between them was evidently incredibly strong, forming a tight nit ensemble performance. Even in moments where the trials of the Fringe became very evident, improvised lines such as “It’s like theres millions of Riverdances in my head” unite the company and audience in appreciating the noise coming from the upstairs theatre, turning what could have been a genuine setback for the work to their advantage. 
Andrew Panton’s direction and choreography navigates the space with intelligence and creativity, creating a variety of atmospheres and situations. His sensitivity to the requirements of each number is commendable, and leads to a balanced and polished production of an exciting new work. 

Wasted Love is a fun filled performance from start to finish. The score is perfect for a new musical, creating a contemporary sound that is musically varied as the characters whom find themselves singing it. Wasted Love is a musical bubbling with ideas and exciting plot lines, that within the hour will have the audience not simply toe-tapping but quite literally singing along.  


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