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Edinburgh Fringe 2012

A Clockwork Orange

Action to the World

Genre: Physical Theatre


 Pleasance Courtyard


Low Down

 The all-male cast of the 2011 Fringe sensation ‘A Clockwork Orange’ return to the Pleasance courtyard. 


 They say the finest art is that which is effortless in its mimicry and doesn’t seem to be art at all. However what Action to the World demonstrate with their all-male production of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is that the last thing they want to appear as is effortless. Their production of Antony Burgess’ literary tour-de-force is very literally breath-taking. The bass tones of thick grimy Manchurian accents spit out of the mouths of the cast as they drag the audience, and each other, kicking and screaming through the tale of Alexander DeLarge and his Droogs. 
Set to a soundtrack of hyped-up Beethoven and Scissor Sisters Lewis Penfold’s exquisite fight choreography is executed with power, precision and ferocity by the incredibly able-bodied cast. Martin McCreadie deservedly leads the ensemble as Alexander and performs with an electric vivacity and raw energy that even at moments of rest, the impending violence appears to bubble just below the surface. 
The entire ensemble deserve a mention as they dance, pummel and ravage their way through this astonishing piece of theatre. Sometimes effeminate, occasionally brutal and continuously packing a theatrical punch this astounding cast reach into your gut and twists relentlessly from start to end. 
 The reason for the 5th star of this review is the production’s unapologetic aggression in its portrayal of all the extremes of adolescent experience; the sex, the violence and mind-numbing boredom which pushes the boys to act the way they do. The cast don’t spare any feelings or sensibilities of their audience. Three hours after leaving the venue I was still feeling the impact of the show. Go and watch it but prepare yourself. 
This production is raw, aggressive and jaw-dropping. Theatre at its most physically powerful.