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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Red Bastard

Eric Davis

Genre: Absurd Theatre



Low Down

"Could this five-star, dangerous, seductive comedy monster literally change your life? There’s only one way to find out. You know you want to. Experience the madness as this exquisite monstrosity unleashes an absurdly sadistic masterclass where something interesting must happen every 10 seconds. His mission: charm, disarm, shock-and-seduce. His target: you!"


For me it was love at first sight, he had me at hello. Well actually, he had me with the image on the flyer. It does what it says on the packet. Those grimacing eyes and burning glare is just the beginning folks. I am going to give you the best description I can with out giving too much away, because this truly is a unique and individual experience you need too seek out for yourselves.

For the first 10 minutes, the red bouffant creature moves in a way that can only be described as an antelope, crossed with a flamingo, with a little touch of the devil himself. His physical fixed points take you by surprise, constantly changing the rhythm and pace.  His piercing eyes scanning the audience whilst he speaks in a nonsensical rhyme – Think Willy Wonker crossed with Mad Hatter.

He engages with the audience in an aggressive and violent way, some felt that this was too much. Not I, his vulnerability seeps through just when he was being at his most aggressive.

As our teacher he challenges, tricks and grades us, luring us into traps of deceit. Go bigger, bigger than big! As an audience you are desperate for his stamp of approval, you want to please him….How does he do that?

He takes momentous risks with the audience – wouldn’t you if you had given up everything and were in the pit of despair? The mixture of clown and bouffant worked well for me, repeating or developing moments that were or were not working. He builds an umbilical cord with the audience, by the end we are together in this self explorative journey.

He shows us that humanity unites us all; he bares his soul to us and we love him for it. We are all the same, we too have darkness, we too have regrets. He asks us to dig deep and say it out loud. So, you can either make a run for it or be brave and take the bull by the horns.

What ever you do don’t be late!