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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

The Golden Goose

Spotlites Theatre Company

Genre: Children's Theatre

Venue: Spotlites at the Merchants’ Hall


Low Down

"Join Boy as he shares his food with a starving old wizard who shows him the secret golden goose! Make the sad princess laugh!" A new prpduction from Spotlites.


This is a simple and enchanting production for 2-5 year olds from the Spotlites stable.

A magician is hungry and an act of kindness sets of a chain of events in a fairy tale that is atmospheric in music, lighting, set and costume as well as the almost lilting way it is shown and told by a cast who are very capable at meeting this age group.

There isn’t much childten’s theatre at the Fringe for such young ones, and every single boy and girl was enraptured throughout this tenderly delivered fairy story.

Simple gestures, plenty of interaction and some gorgeous moments make up a production that is full of Spotlites’ signature ability to, not only share a story, but also to get the children involved and helping. One moment where the children get to shape real dough into bread was utterly lovely.

With the right mix of story, problem-solving and lessons learned all three members of the cast created engaging characters and the costumes were right out of a colourfully illustrated story book. 

I felt the amount of calls for help was a bit too many for such an interesting story, but the children loved it and hands shot up as usual to get the chance to go on stage and help out.

With origami and tree felling, there was activity of different kinds to hold the interest in another winner from a company that holds children’s theatre precious and safe at the Fringe each year.