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Edinburgh Fringe 2013


YurtaKids! UnLeashed_Scaténàti

Genre: Physical Theatre

Venue: Summerhall


Low Down

 "YurtaKids! Best children’s and family theatre in a tent. Hop in and discover UnLeashed by ScarlattineTeatro. A trip for little ones along waves of music-playing chains, simultaneously captivating and releasing, in a game of metamorphosis, discovery and enchantment. A sea travel exploring a world where chains, chainlets and laces draw circles, snakes and waves on the wood maintop. An adventure with no words, just light, sound and action. To enjoy together and reinvent everything again. A five-sense research on our link with the world and the others."


We are summoned by the sound of a chiming bell, our attention falls onto a mystical woman dressed in white. She presents us with a long chain and a bucket of water; this is the first introduction we have to the variety of sounds that can be made with metal chains and house-hold objects.

We are gently shepherded into a beautiful Yurt, owned by the travelling, popup company, Yurtakids. We are invited to sit on the floor in a circle, with the option of normal seating for the stiffer-hipped folk amongst us. In the centre is a small metal roundabout. One of the 3 members of the cast positions herself behind a station which is decorated with a collection of musical instruments, metal chains , water and other house-hold objects. She remains there throughout the show, musically supporting the other two cast members. The music plays an integral part and is very beautiful. The hypnotic notes and percussive instrumentation have the children in a trance, bringing focus and building the tension.

The two woman play with the metal chains, exploring different sounds and contemporary movements. There are long chains, short chains, fat chains. And magnets! As we know, small children can be entertained with a piece of string if their imagination is engaged. This is what these two women are doing, playing, experimenting and exploring….just like children.

The design of the show is simple and affective, all woman are in white and the set is minimal. Being inside the yurt adds an extra element of excitement, it is like being in a play den.

The simplicity of Unleashed is perfect for the age range but I would like more of  narrative, just a simple, clear journey of the characters would have taken it to another level.

Yurtakids – Unleashed is a beautiful and gentle exploration of metals and materials.  A visual feast for little ones.