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Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Half Baked

Twisted Loaf

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Laughing Horse @ The Counting House


Low Down

A fast-paced comedy from Funny Women Award winners Twisted Loaf, which promises an hour of weird and wacky characters.  


Half Baked opens with two very polar characters – Smith plays an idiotic clown-like character and Northedge plays the sexy femme fatal. Quickly you learn that these characters have a complex relationship built on jealousy and the desire to be more in the centre of attention than the other. With these initial characters always lurking in the background, they take us on a journey through which we meet a selection of female characters from glamour pusses in Oceana to sexually depraved home-help. 

This is undeniably a sketch show with a difference. Although Twisted Loaf use many pop culture references in their performance from the posho’s of the Chelsea streets to the gossiping grans in church, these characters spin wildly out of control and take on a grotesque twist. Smith and Northedge have created hilarious and innovative characters that leave the audience either gasping in shock or laughing like mad. This exciting show defies many traditional forms of sketch comedy as they bring a more surreal quality to their show and gradually the sketches begin the seep into each other and the chaos grows larger. 


The two performers work exceptionally well together and you can tell that both are practiced performers. The level of commitment throughout the performance means that the audience’s attention never wavers and that even the strangest parts of the show are executed with total commitment. They utilize the tiny performance space to their advantage and create almost a confrontational atmosphere between performer and audience, also they are certainly not afraid of using audience participation. 


On leaving the show I felt very excited about the work I had just witnessed and I feel that Smith and Northedge are breaking new ground in addressing female stereotypes within a comical and surreal setting. Plus, I was laughing about it for the whole rest of the night. So this piece is not only hilarious but also it’s completely FREE and for anyone looking for comedy with an edge, this is a must see show. 



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