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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Acting Human: Live Life Alive

Eileen Harris

Genre: Talk

Venue: Greenside


Low Down

“For actors, writers, directors, performers and creatives of every kind (all of us), this entertaining and interactive talk reveals a fresh way to spark imagination and surprise in each new moment. And, in so doing, achieve authentic success in our work as artists. Richard Dubin – an accomplished and award-winning musician, actor, writer, director, producer, educator – has developed a mindfulness practice that integrates actor’s craft, ageless wisdom traditions, and cutting-edge science. Acting Human honours mystery, art, soul, and simple good sense. With practice we realize whole and connected lives, lived fully alive.”


So, who is the woman sitting in the chair on stage, where the famous man should be? It turns out that he has gone home – ether not very, or very mindful, depending on your point of view. Certainly not very fringe! In steps Edinburgh local, and an erudite speaker on Mindfulness herself to save the day.

Note to venue: Audiences really do have the moral right to know that the billed speaker won’t be there.

Despite the no-show of . Richard Dubin, Eilieen had a mindful epiphany of her own and decided to step in. And step in, she does!

This was an enjoyable, interactive, informative and inspiring hour that has something of immense practical value to offer to actors and audience alike. It is really a session about living life to the full and about stepping away from being trapped in patterns, either-self imposed, or imprinted onto us by others. It is a session about the power and importance of awareness, and even of awareness of our own awareness.

I’ll say no more so you can find out for yourself. Don’t expect Mr Dubin, but do expect a warm and intelligent speaker who is also open to conversation. The time flies by. A simple setting – a chair on a stage, a person and a collaborative conversation with we, the audience. With an academic background in the neuroscience of leadership, Eileen more than fills the empty boots of the billed speaker. I recommend this to actors and punters alike. I’m so glad I went. On mindful reflection, I’m sort of glad that she showed up, and that he didn’t.