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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Autumn’s Here.

Alison Chabloz

Genre: Music

Venue: Finger's Piano Bar


Low Down

A quiet musical moment  in the midst of the hurly burly of festival time


If you want to have a relaxing hour listening to easy music, Autumn’s Here, Alison Chabloz’s compilation of songs she has written and performed all over the world, is the place to be. Relax, have a drink, and just absorb the music. It is well worth it.

Finger’s Piano Bar is the perfect venue for good listening and Alison Chabloz does not disappoint us. She sits at the grand piano and charms us with her smile, her voice , her musical comments on life and the world she lives in. The original music in this 50-minute show takes us around the world to the places she has been, the people she met and the moments she most wants to remember. She recalls her swimming experiences and her brunch in a fishing village. She sings about the masquerade we all create and tells us that now is the time to stop and step into the real world.

Se recalls meeting Mick Jagger, a grumpy old goat, and she talks about the thrill every woman feels when she is stepping out in new shoes. She recalls golden moments in Ireland and her experience as a social media queen.

The show is pleasant listening but there is enough contrast in the rhythms and in the presentations to bring the presentation alive as Chabloz moves from piano to guitar and back again.

It seems a shame that more people do not take time out from the frantic pace of the festival fringe to sit for a moment and listen to a lovely voice singing meaningful lyrics about her life’s adventures. This is not a cosmic experience and it isn’t meant to be. It is meant to give us all the one thing we need most in the wild intensity of the festival: a few moments to reflect and listen and enjoy who we are away from the madding crowd. The hour is refreshing, rejuvenating and memorable .