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Edinburgh Fringe 2015


Kirsty Mac

Genre: Comedy, Stand-Up

Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot


Low Down

Kirsty Mac delivers her one woman stand up with a verve and vigour for her cause. That cause is feminism and with some pithy insights we are given new perspectives on why male feminists are getting laid, how etiquette has changed and why she spearheaded a move to get rid of a pick up artist who is known for his belief that women should be raped on private property.


Kirsty Mac tells a good joke and has some great observational angles to her humour when it comes to the battle of the sexes. Whilst the material is hardly clean, it is delivered not to shock but engage and try to get people to understand where she has come from.

I found myself chuckling and chortling rather than guffawing but this was also due to me thinking about the late night humour – was this adding to the debate or detracting from it? What I found frustrating was that the whole pick up artist story was held back. Having been called a Femanazi I wanted to hear how Kirsty Mac dealt with this real Nazi.

I can forgive the tablet being used to show the video as the volume came through the speakers but was wanting to know more than just the story about the boat protest. Having found her cause – what has happened since? Is there a continued battle? It was only November of last year that Julien Blanc was banned from the UK and a day after seeing this show a pick up artist was hounded out of a Melbourne bar and the video went viral. I just wanted more as it was more than worthy, it was interestingly funny.

To finish her set with this was, however not disappointing. Kirsty Mac creates a very good rapport with her audience whilst building towards her climax. Whilst I may not have many jokes to tell after the performance that I have been quoting to people I have had my interest raised and whilst male, I am responsible for no fewer than five daughters. I would wish not to exercise my machismo but I would like to give them the tools with which to fight their own battles. Feminazi would be a decent place to start.