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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Women’s Hour

Sh!t Theatre

Genre: Clown, Comedy, Dance and Movement Theatre, Music, Physical Theatre, Sketch Comedy

Venue: Summerhall


Low Down

Now that gender inequality has been solved, Sh!t Theatre thought they might write a show about how great Dolly Parton is, but then they were commissioned by a man to write a show about women for his festival of feminism. This is all the things they could do or say about women in 60 minutes.


Sh!t Theatre’s Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit explode into their show with an energetic dance to Mambo no. 5. They instantly give out an infectious energy and get the crowd ready for an hour of high energy and totally silliness.

W0men’s Hour is fast paced sketch show with songs, physical movement and projection with a big dose of clowning. They are on a mission to call out and ridicule popular portrayals in the media of women. They point out the vapid way in which ‘femininity’ is sold to us by critiquing advertisement – a particular highlight in the show is the scene looking at the new gender orientated kinder eggs and they two discover fun and feminine surprises within them. You can tell these performers are passionate about the work they are making and are committed to it.

The highlights for me were the recurring scenes in which the lights where switched off and the performers alternatively spoke about their own experience of being a woman and how they feel in relationship to their gender. In the dimmed auditorium it gives the audience time away from the fast paced show to reflect on how the wider critiques they have been making have directly informed the way they have grown up. I think the show could have benefited from more moments like this as it was these points that truly pushed their exploration beyond the surface.

These two are accomplished performers and have wonderful chemistry on stage. Their movement is slick and they have made a creatively interesting show with bold and diverse material. The energy never drops and they should be commended for their commitment to their craft.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants to see a sketch show with a difference and a guaranteed hour of fun.