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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Clare Plested; Flock Up

Clare Plested

Genre: Character Stand up, Comedy, Solo Show, Stand-Up

Venue: Ciao Roma


Low Down

Clare is all of the women on show. She begins by trying to understand why we are all here and before long it seems it is because she is just funny. Based on a variety of characters we get through and past the introductions to what makes each one of her women tick; it’s Clare. From the street food vendor – Queen of Grills to Kaylor Kale to Rapunzel and all in between this is just a great set of performances from a very funny comedian.


The place is packed out. I have been in Ciao Roma quite a few times now and this might just be the busiest it has been. I am one of two reviewers in, the other has decided to go incognito as I got a cheer when discovered but beside them and a few down front who have come out to support their friend this is an audience flocking to support the comedy and not be patronising.

The characters each have a handle on what makes them funny and as a bit of a crime buff, Missy Marple might just be my favourite. With a very decent piece of work with Jane’s remains it shows how set pieces work well and keep performances disciplined andf ocussed.

What also works is the way that video is used to cover set changes. Such a nod to understanding the theatricality of the performance not only helps but introduces us to #kellyzee. There are plenty of # moments that are funny and keep us in the mood for what comes next; great idea.

Whilst Missy was great the sexist Superman from Rapunzel was an absolute gem. This deserves greater exposure.

I do have to say that Clare is not shy from exposing herself and form a distance the rash is not obvious…

Being a free show the props and set are minimal but I do hope that the hand drawn graphic at the beginning does not get drawn in every day!

Overall then we have a decent hour with a  very confident comic who has nailed how to keep her audience onside and inside – nobody left!