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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Triple Entendre: Love, Life and Other Stuff

Triple Entendre

Genre: Music, Musical Theatre

Venue: C Nova



The Edinburgh Fringe often seemingly has a mission:  to bring the issues of the day that the world of commercial entertainment wouldn’t dream of touching:  its very birth began as a challenge to the Official Edinburgh International Festival.   The very inception and justification of the Fringe is that it’s a platform of political incorrectness, where anyone can say the things some people don’t want to hear. This is the City where consciences are stirred about ‘Homelessness’, or ‘Anorexia’ or ‘Child Abuse’.   Times change however, and the immediate success of the Fringe quickly attracted other types of entertainment, seeing a brilliant  platform to bring their talents to public notice:  ‘Comedy,’ ‘Cabaret’, ‘Childrens’ Shows’ – even ‘West End Try-outs’.  And why not?   But the essence of the Fringe must always be a challenge to Conventional Wisdom or it will lose its soul.

The Fringe may be tiring; it may stir up feelings of guilt or sympathy and fire us up to do something radical in support of some issue which has been thrust forcibly down our throat and which stirs us up to do something about it, get involved, when we get home, but……

…after a long day seeing the good, the bad and the indifferent, being shaken and stirred, when evening comes, no recommendation could be better than the tonic of an hour spent with Emily Jane Cairns, Tamara Saffir and Anne O’Riordan!  Good Heavens, we need a break, we deserve the whiff of some elixir!  The Fringe is always exhausting and these three pretty girls and their three pretty voices in harmony, are just the shot in the arm that’s needed.

This is an hour where the Andrews Sisters meet Smack the Pony – their description of themselves:  upbeat or romantic, humorous or straight and always perfectly together and by turns very funny or very moving.  The hour you spend with Triple Entendre will be the quickest hour of your day: and that’s a guarantee!   There’s so much talent on the Fringe and Triple Entendre is a total escape from trudging up and down Edinburgh’s hilly grandeur.  Emily, Tamara and Anne are so funny, so tuneful and wickedly ‘blue’.

These three sirens are very different in looks and character too and yet they blend as one:  the  smallest of the three, Anne O’Riordan has a smile so embracing it could light up the whole French Riviera!  Tamara has the elegance of a model and Emily is the centre-piece of cool, and all with the voices of angels!

This cabaret trio is ‘ready to Go’:  no Hotel in the Sun, no Cruise Liner on a sparkling Ocean, no Cocktail Bar in the Bahamas should fail to secure an evening with Triple Entendre!  They are a trio of charm, character and loveliness – and musically cool on the ear.  A very slick trio:  see them while they’re cheap on the Fringe – you’ll be paying top prices to get anywhere near them before this paen ends.