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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Catriona Knox – Adorable Deplorable

Catriona Knox

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Pleasance Dome


Low Down

Some men have brought us to the brink of apocalypse. Now meet their wives. For too long they’ve been kept in the shadows. For too long they’ve been just a piece of lean meat on the arm of a sociopath. Well, not any more, Edinburgh. For one hour only, open your earholes and hear them speak!


As far as “Deplorables” go, the world may seem to have more than its fair share.  Whether it’s Trump in America, May in Britain, Assad in Syria, or Nigel Farage (wherever he may claim citizenship), either in or out of Europe, the case can be made that these world leaders are out of touch with reality and out of step with the rest of the world.  But what about their “better halves”?  In Adorable Deplorables, Catriona Knox brings the spouses of these world leaders to the Pleasance stage with unbridled energy, rapier wit and excellent timing.

We’re first introduced to American First Lady, Melania Trump as she welcomes us to the White House, tastefully redecorated as a fringe venue.  She immediately finds a willing participant from the audience to Draw her “Official White House Portrait”.  She becomes Philip May (the Prime Minister’s spouse, First Gentleman?) and relates his meeting with the Tory leader, seducing each other with dance moves on the disco floor.  We’re treated to quick sketches of Asma Al-Assad, wife of the Syrian strongman Bashir and Kirsten Farage, Nigel’s German wife who has a fetish for spanking with a Euro flag.  We are even treated to a yoga lesson from Anne Boylen.  Who knew she was from Lancashire?

Knox is at ease joking with her audience, chatting them up, giving them small parts to play in her 50-minute show.  As various members are encouraged to come to the stage and Knox hilariously weaves them into her routine, teasing them with slight insults, provocative innuendo and unexpected one liners. Interactive improv always seems to walk a tightrope, but in Knox’s hand this show is as entertaining for   those punters who want to sit and watch from a distance as it is for those cheerfully willing to join in her fun onstage.  At this performance, the volunteers were eager, entertaining and some very willing to provide their own witty comebacks, much to the audience’s delight

This show is entertainment, comedy and a gentle sharing of awkward and embarrassing moments that results in a quick 50 minutes of laughter and diversion, Knox is talented, quick off the mark and able to read her audience like the best strand up comics.  She gives us genuine sketches, creating characters that are fun without being mean spirited or political.  Refreshing.  Delightful.  Fun.