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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Mickey Sharma – Sharmanator!!

Mickey Sharma

Genre: Stand-Up

Venue: Laughing Horse @ Espionage


Low Down

Mickey Sharma tells it as it is when you are an Indian born in Pakistan and a first generation immigrant to the UK. Covering topics that are as uncomfortable as racism and sex and sometimes sex and racism this is a racy and pacey run through his experiences which is as funny as it is topical.


I have a confession to make. I was heading for the Potter thing on at the same venue and got confused. When Mickey opens by asking how many turned up here because the Potter thing was full I did not shout out or put my hand up cos I wanted to pretend I meant to be there. Fact is after about 5 minutes it was Harry Who?

Sharma is not going to win awards for his stand up because it is not “out there” enough or alternative enough but the thing is – this guy is funny.

He took the audience with him and though there was a whole brown/ Bangladeshi/Pakistani/ Indian vibe joke going on I was uncomfortable enough as a liberal white “old” guy to feel I was hearing the genuine dichotomy from a fellow liberal thinker who struggled with some of the things his liberalism led him to.

When he got into the whole sex thing a son and mother who arrived late, did leave and that was equally funny because it was uncomfortable listening for both sides. My mum and I never talked sex so I kinda get why both rana way. My kids and I also don’t talk sex as they are virgins and so was I.

The highlight though was the bhangra Twinkle, Twinkle, DJ crossover. It quite rightly got a round of applause and it stood out. I would have loved much more of that because that was where, I thought, there was some really genuine and funny material to be mined.

Stand up needs a microphone and he had that, there were no props and an iphone soundtrack which got better once the fans got switched off – word of warning – it’s hot down there and if Mickey is not on commission for his “get a drink” warning at the beginning he should be cos it is good advice.

Mickey’s material is more late night than mid afternoon but you cannot fault the guy for ending up in the slot he was given. He has some material that family audien… actually this aint a family show but for a comedian he made me laugh… what’s not to like!

There shall be sharper acts on the Fringe but I would wager few that are genuinely less funny. It was a great hour in this guy’s company and as it is part of the Free Fringe was not going to break any bank but whatever he suggests as payment you should shell out as – trust me he is worth double it.