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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

The Egg-Born Princess

Secford Theatre Company

Genre: Children's Theatre

Venue: Space Triplex


Low Down

It’s dreams all the way as you first encounter the world of the cast trying to capture their dreams with bee catching long poles and nets. Through their imaginative storytelling they unfold the tale of the unhappy Egg-Born princess whose heart was sore because she had no children. Yes that was the root of her sadness. This enchanting narrative, borrows from traditional Estonian folk music, song and dance leaving the audience mesmerized. There is joy, sorrow and a lot to be thrilled about…



Warning: Contains spoilers.

Written by Jonathan Williams and directed by both Gemma Mayes and Johnathan Williams, the play is performed by The Seckford Theatre Company, an exquisitely talented company who return after their successful innings with Father Time in 2015. It is a touching tale with heart. Even though the protagonists encounter disappointment and sorrow there is always an opportunity around the corner that uplifts them. This is something everyone can relate to in today’s world.

This enchanting adaptation of traditional folklore takes the audience on the queen’s journey full of adventure and surprises. Magic, excitement and hope are twisted in this this tale. Can appearances be deceptive in real life? Is the witch actually a fairy? The audience are spell-bound by the role of the fairy in the queen’s life. The little girl sitting next to me was as fascinated as I was when the unusual birth of the egg-orn princess unfolded in front of our eyes. A miracle soon changes the life of the princess as she is blessed with a girl (through mysterious circumstances) and a boy and her husband return victorious from the battlefield. After the bliss, sorrow follows – such is the way of life.  Misfortune strikes again and the exquisite daughter of the princess, now grown up has to face several traumas- from stepmother to the three sisters. Will she be rescued? For that answer you must take yourself to her world.

The princess emotes sorrow with great panache. But the witch or fairy steals the show. Like an enigma she moves gracefully from an old lady to a beautiful woman, enchanting the audience.  The writing is simple and poetic and the direction smooth and clever, especially in the child-birth scene. It is fast-paced, and a fun-packed show for the family, with music and flowing movements that make the narrative special and unique. There is never a dull moment for the audience as they embark on a mind boggling adventure. The design is effective in that it is minimal. The skillful direction makes the interpretation fast paced, and a fun packed show for the family. However it is the witch’s advice –‘Never give up’ that stayed with me as I left the show.