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Edinburgh Fringe 2018


7 Fingers

Genre: Circus, Dance, Physical Theatre

Venue: Assembly Rooms - Music Hall


Low Down

Assembly Festival and 7 Fingers return to Edinburgh with Reversible.

The eight performers relay stories from their individual family histories through physical theatre, music, circus, dance and acrobatics.

This contemporary circus show sheds light on a generation who forged the world that we live in today and whose stories might hold the key to a better tomorrow.

Reversible plays at the Assembly Rooms – Music Hall until the 26th August (not 8th, 13th, 20th)



The Assembly Rooms Music Hall is a fine and grand setting for a circus show. The stage is set with three rotating walls which allow these talented performers to set scene after scene as they switch between their family histories.

A slightly odd opening sequence leads quickly on to a joyous and comedic acrobatic dance number which excites and intrigues.

From there we are carried the length and breadth of the stage high and low whilst these eight talented performers showcase their hefty skill sets.

Highlights include the seesaw with death defying accuracy and some little red balls that are curious and appear in random places. Comedy asides abound with a grand finale that is too short lived but not to be missed.

Sadly the best parts of this show are too fleeting and the entire premise of the show slightly mis-sold. This Reversible world from the show image alone indicated is not recognisable in the show itself.

An audience could be forgiven for expecting clever mirror work and cast member walking on the ‘ceiling’ but alas this was not forthcoming. The family stories although a nice touch didn’t really add anything to the overall show and seemed like a thinly veiled means to an end before we got to the circus acts.

This said, the performers themselves are splendid, the stunts death-defying and an audience left full of joy. The theatrical choreography is bold and contemporary with special mention going to the lighting, sound and set design, all magnificent, cajoling emotions from even the hardest of hearts.

This show should not be taken on face value but enjoyed for what is seen on the stage rather than read in the programme. Unfortunately the visual enormity of it outshone the stories that were lying waiting to shine underneath.

You wont be disappointed if you go and see this show.


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