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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

007 Voices of Bond

Night Owl Shows

Genre: Live Music, Music, Tribute Show

Venue: theSpace @ Symposium Hall


Low Down

“Immerse yourself in the world of James Bond and the legendary voices that have accompanied six decades of the world’s most famous spy. Features all the hits including Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die and many more. Brought to you by Maia Elsey and the multi-award-winning cast of Night Owl Shows.”


An older friend of mine once said only people of a “certain age” could sing the words to the James Bond themes. The sentiment remains valid many years later, but the demographics have rotated. 

A damn good Bond song is a timeless creation to be enjoyed by grandads to grandsons and then repeated for the next generation. After all, what makes a Bond belter? Is it just an irrepressible explosion of charm and squeezed-in titular titles? 

007 Voices of Bond is a lyrical journey through the captivating story of the voices, talents and geniuses that have made Bond movies so enduring for six decades. Maia Elsey and the multi-award-winning cast of Night Owl Shows have created a special kind of hour where you learn a bit, enjoy a lot, and leave with a better appreciation for something you liked, anyway. 

The musical session takes you through the Bond series’ best-known tracks, from the Sean Connery years and the brilliance of John Barry to recent hits from Adele and Billie Eilish. The 50-minute session is laced with stunning vocals and a smattering of Bond trivia, making this much more than just a “tribute act.” 

As with nearly all Fringe shows, the spectacle starts in the line outside. Just who is in the audience? It was heartwarming to see that from babies in papooses to older fans; this show has earned the rare accolade of appealing to all ages. 

The band does not attempt to mimic the original renditions. Instead, it delivers an array of interpretations performed with originality. It captures the nostalgia of the movie soundtracks while giving a fresh take that offers velvety somberness to high-octane thrills – just like the movies. 

007 Voices of Bond is an illuminating hour of storytelling and song. It is a fun, gregarious and exciting show that reminds you how important it is offer something new when delivering fan service.