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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Daniel Cainer: More Jewish Chronicles (and Other Musical Stories)

Daniel Cainer

Genre: Comedic, Musical Stories, Story-songs

Venue: Underbelly Dexter, Bristo Square


Low Down

Join this multi award-winning musical storyteller for another collection of story-songs. Six off-Broadway runs and 15 Edinburgh Fringes. He’s written scores for film and TV, his songs have been performed by cabaret artistes and rabbis, his music has launched a thousand cars and washing machines. He’s been the Singing Reporter on BBC and the world’s only Singing Astrologer (probably).


Daniel Cainer sits at his electric piano, begins to play his original music, sing his original songs and tell anecdotes – and it is pure joy to listen to this consummate entertainer. His style of songs tell stories, about life, his life, a relative or friend’s life and all the things we may think about such as memories, issues or common ground.

His first song on the day I saw the show is very relatable because he sings about us all going through lockdown and typical experiences with finesse of rhythm and word choice in the story-crafting, it was funny and fascinating in its verses that tell stories that we probably experienced ourselves. It was also a gentle and revelatory wake up call to the fact that we are all out and about now and we can enjoy hearing live music, getting together and feeling that we are back on track to normality.

What is special about this show and performance is Daniel’s ease in front of an audience and the warm rapport he develops very quickly. He is not one of those over the top entertainers that pushes the audience away but rather he is sincere and witty and continues through his large repertoire of songs and stories that draws the audience in to hear more. While Daniel does focus on Jewish stories the show focuses almost as much on other stories, for example, the day I saw his show he said he would be singing ‘Jewy’ and ‘non-Jewy’ songs, so the show will appeal to everyone.

In this solo show, Daniel accompanies his songs with interesting images projected on a screen behind him. These images may be historic, every day or personal photos that really enhance the stories. The day I saw the show Daniel included nostalgic photos of his grand father, Butlin’s, and different scenes or places mentioned in his songs, which engaged our imagination and added atmosphere to the show.

He is witty and upbeat and connects with the audience as he sings and plays. Daniel uses humour and pathos in his songs and anecdotes, and everything else in between. Therefore, Daniel’s songs may have comedic commentary, meaningful themes, and sometimes pensive songs that are poignant.

This show is creative, entertaining, relatable – performed by the personable composer and musician of these original story songs and it’s also a very enjoyable way to spend an hour!