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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Delicious Fruit

Plaster Cast

Genre: LGBTQ+ Theatre, LGBTQIA+, Theatre, Verbatim Theatre

Venue: Pleasance Dome - 10Dome


Low Down

Two queer performers writhe and sing of sexual liberation before informing us that they wish it was as easy for them as it sounds. From there we are treated to the sounds of a variety – from 180 of them – of voices which explore the many issues around sex and sexuality and being queer. Whilst the voices fill our void of understanding on voiceover, our two guides move, sing and move around the stage in an accompanying visual to the words being spoken.



This is a very challenging piece to watch. There are light moments within its construction such as the moment when both Ayden and Lizard admit they might not be quite as liberated as they would present. But aside from those lighter moments this is full throttle, no excuses, proud to be different, exhilarating platform of all things sexually queer.  Its structure does make things difficult as the relentlessness can make you feel a tad queasy at times. There are also moments when it becomes a little repetitive. It’s not the subject matter that causes concern, just the pace and hearing similar experiences.

It’s a real challenge when you have the movement piece to watch whilst there are voiceovers which at times do, but at others do not match the visuals. I liked both Ayden and Lizard very much and wanted to have more of a connection to their stories and how they felt about their queerness. It felt a tad distant. I was sorry for that because they both have an exhilarating charm as performers, and I just wanted to hear them.

The songs were also a little bit of a struggle as a tendency to shout meant the lyrics could get lost. In such a small space it was tough not to squint and wince at the volume.

But there was a boldness, a brashness, almost a celebration of alternate. It was refreshing to feel in a minority and out of sorts as it challenged me to consider what is not me, what does not represent me, but what should be respected by me. The verbatim accounts were compelling at times and hearing the real life events, the true confessions, the insecurities and hopes of so many people offering these up as testimonies of our times, has always been compelling.

I look forward to a time when I can stop and consider more and when a community does not find itself needing to shout to be heard.


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