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Edinburgh Fringe 2022


Losers Cirque Company

Genre: Acrobatics, Circus

Venue: ZOO Southside


Low Down

Heroes. What is going on in a mind of a severely injured person undergoing a surgery after a serious car crash? Our leading character literally fights for his life – with us, you can get a peek of his colourful inner world. The performance combines a pantomime and inventive acrobatics. Shock, sadness, hope and even humour! Brace yourselves for an emotional rollercoaster. Innovative production bringing together masters of their disciplines. Starring award-winning mime Radim Vizváry. Czech group Losers Cirque Company are directed by Daniel Špinar, head of the National Theatre.


This is a contemporary circus show with a story based on theatrical enquiry about what happens in the mind of a person after a traumatic event. It is an interesting question and the abstracted ideas are expressed physically and visually. Czech group Losers Cirque Company is from Prague and brings a strong reputation and foundation in circus. The underlying theme of Heroes is meaningful, poignant and treated sensitively and creatively by the company of performers, directed by Daniel Špinar, head of the National Theatre. A stylish set design and costumes are all in black and white which gives a striking and dramatic look to this circus.

Beginning with a performer miming expertly – Andrej Lyga – evoking how he starts a car and drives it. He is centre stage, has a charismatic presence, and just when we think we know what is happening things become unpredictable!

Suddenly the floor seems to disappear and becomes an intriguing living sculpture taunting, inviting and enveloping him. Visually this is surreal and very creative. A new terrain forms, dissolves and becomes something else! Lyga is transported into another place and what follows is what may be happening in his mind.

Performers in black hi tech gear with numbers across each costume arrive mysteriously, and are otherworldly in their beings in this show without words. The visual storytelling moves forward with athletic acrobatics, play and dance. Acrobatics are integrated into the story and include exciting hand balancing, three person high pyramids, lifts, throws, twists, always exploring body movement dynamics in imaginative shapes and forms. Contact dance moves and inventive ways of using the space create a variety of imagery.

A highlight is a series of mimed walks as a solo and in a group, led by Lyga with graceful, muscular movement set to a rhythmic sound score.

While this topic is intense and dark, there are lighter moments of wit and humor emanating from the situations and reactions of the performers in large and small groups. In fact, there is darkness and light in the journey, as in life. The performers are focused on the mood but look like they are having a good time – and so are we!