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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Michelle Kalt: God Hates You

Michelle Kalt

Genre: Comedy, Solo Show, Stand-Up

Venue: Just the Tonic at The Caves - Just Up the Stairs


Low Down

Having suffered a break-up from her boyfriend, Michelle is keen to talk to us about a variety of salient topics including Switzerland and why we don’t send our cleverest people there. In a wide sweeping set, she also covers early UK based advice as a comedian, don’t slag off Russell Brand, the oddness of your father sharing inappropriate material and a “handy” uncle at a family wedding. With a consistently gentile approach she proves that Switzerland has far more to offer than secretive bankers, reliable clock mechanisms and omniscient chocolate.



Whilst there are plenty of cul-de-sacs down which Kalt shall go, overall, this has a clear enough focus – Kalt herself. Unafraid to make fun of her own insecurities and parade them for our amusement Kalt provides us with a very decent time in the Caves where we can hear gentle humour delivered in an amusing fashion.

Much of the material is not likely to make you guffaw but Kalt has a delivery poised somewhere between sarcastic comment and pity me gently. From her exhortation to date a Brazilian – because she is now – to the remarkably civilised break up with her ex where they helped each other with their online dating profiles, this does not head towards searing bitter comment but manages to give us a great set which captures the moment. Anyone who can make a gag out of The World Economic Forum as well as FIFA, and reference Conservatives cutting benefits has an acute sense of what is funny. It shows an understanding not just of what makes her laugh in Switzerland, but what will work with her crowd.

It’s a basic stand up show from someone who was once a lawyer – and may still be, so she can afford Edinburgh at this time of year – but I would not mind going back to see her in a few years. Some of the material is fresh and needs development – making fun of your own breasts needs a bit of attention – and I could do with more coriander.

I was drawn to the show because rather than being sent an email from a publicist I got an email directly from Kalt herself. The email was amusing, and this continued the initial impression of a funny woman with funny things to say.