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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Mad Ron: Crime School

Mad Ron

Genre: Character Stand up, Comedy, Stand-Up

Venue: Assembly George Square


Low Down

Mad Ron, Uxbridge’s third hardest man, is worried about where the next generation of criminals will come from, so he’s here to offer help and guidance in the form of essential life-lessons courtesy of his highly amusing and entertaining Crime School.


Mad Ron’s Crime School is set against the backdrop of our current unpredictable economic climate and provides us with a chance to consider if now is the time for a less-than-honest day’s work. Who better to lead the way than Uxbridge’s third hardest man? Mad Ron is concerned about where the next generation of criminals will come from, so he’s stepped out of the shadows to educate and to help play his part.

This comedy show offers invaluable tips on a wide range of topics, from biology and maths to sex education and home economics as well as venturing into some surprising careers advice. Whether you’re in search of guidance on disguises, aliases, saving on your next iPad purchase, or enhancing your physical fitness, Crime School has all the answers. Throughout the performance short adverts from fictional sponsors serve as amusing asides from Mad Ron’s teachings.

Tonight’s chosen courtroom artist was Jake, the technician in the booth. His sketch produced chuckles, but judging by his drawing, and according to Ron he might be better off sticking to his day job of “flicking the lights on and off”.

Ron’s gruff and grouchy demeanour, combined with his evident aversion to the modern world, personifies the archetype of an old-school, East End gangster. The audience’s laughter is a testament to the character’s relatability and resonance.

The Box is a comfortable and compact venue. Despite its proximity to the bustling George Square complex, external noise on this Saturday night was notably absent, with Ron captivating us from start to finish.

In summing up, (m’ lord), the show’s rapid-fire jokes and expertly crafted content guarantee non-stop entertainment. Crime School provides a blend of stand-up, character comedy and humorous life lessons. It will have you chuckling along and contemplating whether your future might be better off on the wrong side of the law. One thing is for sure, skipping this class would indeed be a crime.