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Edinburgh Fringe 2023


Agathe and Adrien in co-production with Acting for Climate Montréal

Genre: Acrobatics, Circus, Dance

Venue: Assembly Roxy


Low Down

Provocative, dysfunctional and tender, N.Ormes is a circus show that pushes the limits of gender norms with never seen before acrobatic exchanges.


When we watch acrobatic skills are we accustomed to seeing the roles of each gender doing different aspects? Agathe and Adrien from Canada want to respond and have developed a new one hour show that challenges some of these preconceptions in N.Ormes. In addition, they are creatively merging strength based physical lifts and balances with dance into an enthralling act that is both artistic and highly skilled.

Taut lighting with a narrow spot light in lots of shadows and a beautiful mesmerizing eclectic score throughout are all that Agathe and Adrien need to create a moody environment for their performance. They tell their story physically and with subtle interactions and facial expressions that are clear in intent and emotion.

They start centre stage close to each other and silently they move around each other and then perform a series of balances on shoulders, in the air and moreThen the relationship of these two people seems to go though relatable moments in any relationship. Sometimes one person in a relationship thinks that traditional roles need changing up  – and Agathe’s reactions confirm this, and she slowly makes plans to rectify the issue. Adrien lifts throws and balances his partner while they both emote and move creating shapes and forms in the shadows. It’s tender and intimate, slow and sustained with faster pacing here and there.

While the pairing of both Agathe and Adrien during the physical moves is traditional at first, Agathe sees that she is as strong as Adrien and the only difference is their heightThe acrobatic dance in this piece is original and visceral, it follows a relationship and also makes a statement. Agathe is determined and soon she finds the fairness and equity she sought. Her response is outstanding!

N.Ormes is unusual, creative and beautifully performed. They are both daring and accomplished performers and were much appreciated by the audience when I attended and their piece was very well received. You can not help but feel the visual artistry, sheer strength and tender rapport of Agathe and Adrien. 

There is action and some very powerful quiet moments in this piece in between the delicious instrumental music. Ultimately they are bodies moving in space with artistic muscular daring moves. All these attributes result in an extraordinary performance that is provocative in imagery and an enthralling emotive exchange of strength, fluidity, power struggle, equity and friendship.