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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

The Bubble Show

Eran, the Bubble Man

Genre: Children's Theatre

Venue: Assembly George Square Gardens


Low Down

The Bubble Show is a mix of magic, story-telling and bubble art aimed at parents and younger children. Highly recommended for young children – the magic of bubbles is mesmerising


Who knew soap suds combined with various everyday implements could produce such magic? Eran, the Bubble Man, is back at Assembly George Square Gardens and if you’re looking to amuse your children for an hour or so, the Bubble Show is a sure fire hit.

From the moment Mr Bubbles walks out on stage he has the children entranced with his bubble antics. The stage is set with two tables laid out with the various implements that Mr Bubbles will use to produce his bubble magic – anything with a hole you can blow through will produce a bubble  apparently and Mr Bubble illustrates this amply. 

The Bubble Show is a mix of magic, story-telling and bubble art. Giant bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, bouncy bubbles, smoke bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, square bubbles and even fire bubbles are all part of Mr Bubble’s repertoire. It’s a simple concept but one that captivates its young audience. There’s magic in bubbles.

There’s a trip to Bubbleland. Mr Bubble becomes Professor Bubbles as he explains the science. It’s a slight concept – namely blowing bubbles – but one that Mr Bubbles extends to an hour’s entertainment full of variety and interest.

Mr Bubble has a gentle and calm presence. He strikes just the right note for his young audience and is never patronising. He asks for volunteers from the audience and the hands shoot up. When he brings them onto the stage he treats them with respect. 

It’s no mean feat to keep a bunch of under 10s on the edge of their seats, mouths wide open for a full sixty minutes but Mr Bubbles manages it beautifully. The Bubble Show is highly recommended if you want a show for your under 10s that will deliver magic and enchantment. Last word goes to my six year old grandson, ‘He was amazing. I just wish I could have been inside a bubble”.