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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Under a Lime Sky


Genre: Exhibition, Solo Show, Visual Art

Venue: Blackflowersstudio Gallery


Low Down

Blackflowersstudio gallery presents drawings, paintings and sculpture from I Jordan’s early ‘Crow’ series.


How about a change of pace at the Fringe? Take time to look at another form of art! I. Jordan has a small but very complete two room gallery to display her paintings during the Fringe at the Black Flowers studio. This gem of a gallery is Venue 426 and is bound to be on your route when going from one venue to another this weekend or next. Jordan takes time to share information and brief anecdotes about the artwork which comprises a series of very small to several large pieces. She explains that she is very curious about the stories surrounding the crow and the strong reference in poetry.

Drawings in Charcoal, oil paintings and fabric and found object sculptures are tastefully hung. Jordan tells of her choice to use recycled fabric and other materials to create the sculptures and a delicate mobile. She also shares an anecdote about how she likes sewing by hand and by sewing machine and this interest came from her mother, who was a tailor.

Jordan describes her art as semi figurative and narrative. Some of her work she sees as healing while another called Under a Lime Sky may be fantasy and there is a moving trilogy of small raw paintings after Hammy, her father. Some of her work is dark and moody – and there is also wit in her work as in the Happy Days 1and 2 and Pink Troosers.

In her words Jordan says “My work generally uses ideas in the folklore and the fairie realm in Scottish culture as well as other influences such as Hughes poetry and Beckett (Happy Days), to hold feelings expressed about my and others’ lived experience of life”.

Jordan shares how she became very creative during the pandemic after a twenty year gap in painting. First she began drawing again and then she found the inspiration – and time – to paint. It’s so interesting to hear Jordan talk about her reawakening to her art in such a refreshing way. It seems that if we have enough time, without rushing about our daily lives, unexpected ideas may appear for us to act on, which is a good thing!

Jordan’s Black Flowers Studio Gallery is rather special and is open on two weekends only to drop-in between opening hours at no charge and without tickets or reservations. Of course you may visit and discover the art without narration but Jordon is ready to not only share her creative work but may also offer a nice cup of tea.

This is a fascinating experience and a welcome change of pace during the Fringe.