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Fringe Online 2021

Three Stages

Three Chairs and a Hat

Genre: Fringe Online Performance, Online Theatre

Venue: online@the space UK

Festival: ,

Low Down

In three short sequences, one straight to camera in poetic form, one in a car returning from a class and a singer with his song in a studio like setting we have three simple yet hauntingly wonderful musings on loss.


There is much to conjure in this pandemic in terms of what there is out there that can make the transitioning form the theatrical to the performable in a filmed style setting. This is a trio of such delights that we have a tremendously well performed poem, a monologue that is uplifting, tragic and nuanced whilst the song is sung with perfection by Matthew Allison.

The settings that have been chosen for each of the three different pieces of art were appropriate and apt whilst the words captured emotion, thought and feelings with great artistry.

Performed by Nia Williams, the first two, and by Mathew Allison, the song we had what I felt were considered and well directed pieces of performance.

As a trio of softly spoken yet deep and meaningful pieces of art, these were a tremendous little find which suggest an ability to tackle the big issues with sufficient sensitivity. It would make a return to a theatre the opportunity for bigger opportunities that they could embrace and master with ease.