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FringeReview Scotland 2016

Low Down

The younger team at Platform take us from the comfort of our seats to the backstage where, using building brick, steel toe capped boots and the theatricality that comes with the end of the world show what it might be like to prepare for the Zombies that could accompany the end being nigh on time.


Settled as we are in our seats this young company requested our presence down the stairs and round the back of the stage. Willingly we go and find ourselves on the equivalent of a mini building site with some exercises being demonstrated by the young actors over the preparation necessary to complete our end of the world scenario. With some literary references – three little pigs – and a token adult – Alan – we have a discordant view of how we are very ill equipped.

This is a work in progress and the biggest compliment I can give it is that I would love to see the final piece. Presented to an audience for feedback and to ensure development opportunities for the young cast, this has enough bones on it to ensure that when the meat is placed upon it, it shall already feel well dressed.

There were some nice touches – the (ab)use of an adult, the three little pigs and the discordant sounds. There were some less appealing issues – I found the use of mics testing for my ears, the smashing of the walls of bricks needs a lot more practice and the building of a wall itself ditto. Having said that the young actors showed they were up for the challenge and whilst I don’t doubt there have bene tears and no doubt a few tantrums this looked every bit the performance that could take them on their way to the NFYT – which is where they are headed – with some confidence.

They had kept it short for the evening and whilst thankful that it did not drag this has scope. I think it needs a better venue and am a little unconvinced by the bricks but to be fair this was a progress route where they needed guidance not harsh criticism. The NFYT Festival is not long off so there should be time to achieve some of that over the next wee while.