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FringeReview Scotland 2024

an accident/ A Life

Tragic, uplifting, dance, disabled, able to entertain and shock – dance of special value.

Escaped Alone

A masterclass in character, disturbing ecological revelations and banal and important commentaries  on life.

Futuristic Folktales

A challenging and engaging theatrical piece of dancing irony – using the future to focus the past, through rebirthing itself.

Haudin the Jaikets

A celebrational read through of a drama based upon one night never to be forgotten in Scottish boxing history.

I Hope Your Flowers Bloom

A gentile evening with a fantastic narrative about love from a male perspective.

Kontemporary Korea: A Double Bill of K:Dance

An enthralling and astonishing double bill of contemporary dance.


A triumphant technical achievement with a story to tell of an end to our world, followed by a new beginning

Silence in Court

A fascinating social experiment where the audience literally judges the quality of performances right before our eyes.


Dancing in the streets of Cumbernauld in a community event that struts and sparkles

The Lighthouse

An enthusiastic and personal attempt to take the issues around mental ill health and produce the idea that all shall be all right in the end, as it was.

To The Letter

An admirable run at new and engaging theatre.