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FringeReview Scotland 2017

Bedroom Rockstar

A very personal solo view of life, your family and the importance of music


A silly boo, boo, a social media storm and all told via the internet as sexism goes from the locker room to the slutty University lecture theatre told by way of a verbatim piece in a seated universe.

Happier or Better

One woman goes to find herself in a dramatic journey that takes us from waking up physically to waking up emotionally.


A childlike tale of simplicity told with complex physicality and charm

North Haven

A stark look at the values of empathy deficit dramatically told with the fleeing child from one form of oppression into the world of another before she escapes to where? We can but imagine.

Old Boy

Entrancing, delightful and honest portrayal of manly relationships and their value in a world where cynicism holds sway.

One Mississippi

Four men explore their mental wellbeing in a challenging verbatim performance that is never less than honest

Rocket Post

Children’s theatre, brought to the young with inventiveness, colour and panache.


A dance and aerial journey in colour through the weave that holds a nation together.

Sea Wall

An intimate tragedy played out right in front of you


A mesmeric and enthralling 90 minutes in the company of the dignified dispossessed, given voice in a solo performance of majesty, poise and grace.

The Blue Door

A look behind the door, blue, of life in a facility for mentally ill young people.

The End of Things

A fascinating performance, more about the spaces between than the importance of the things we treasure.

The Wonderful World of Dissocia

A thoroughly decent reprisal of a modern classic that asks more questions than provides answers but gives us a polar bear instead

Ways to Shine

Children’s piece which unites day and night to show how cooperation should be the cornerstone of diversity