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FringeReview Scotland 2015


Not naked ambition examining the abyss of being 27 when so many creatives have fallen down it and left us

As You Like It

RCS students demonstrate that their world is a fine stage and their exits are to be rued with each entrance celebrated.

Collateral Damage

Slightly flawed examination of an apocalyptic imagining of life for teenagers lost in an underground home.


An uncomfortable evening spent being confirmed that our bias helps to confound and not always confront the evidence

Exalt and 5 Tangos

Lovely double bill of fascinating contemporary dance followed by a classic dance text

Fever Dream: Southside

It’s a play, it’s a concept, it’s a cliché and a revelation

Gold Stars and Dragon Marks

Theatre in education performance that effectively tackles bullying


An enthralling little known tragic Victorian tale told sympathetically in a polished performance.


Theatre in Education piece that packs the punch that knives should not be delivering

Last Dream (On Earth)

Innovative blend of two stories told through headphones that intrigues and delights in equal measure


Stunning theatrical experience that uses every trick in its book, before inventing a new book.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

A student production that is a mark or two above the average with some excellent performances that make us all confident about their futures


A one woman show that delves into the relationship between two people and many personalities

O is for Houlet

Part lecture, part examination, partly wonderful exploration of Scots as a language and cultural tool

Oh graveyard, you can’t hold me always by Alan McKendrick

A mixed bag of 29 stories of menial jobs that start with a motorway pile up

Scape by Jules Horne

A strong piece of collaborative new text that completes a mystery that begins badly and ends well.

The Choir

An evening of song, drama and sheer joy that sits in your head long after the curtain calls

The Consecration of Connor King by Mike Cullen

An interesting new take on the world of serial killers and their kin

The Great Train Race

A ribald romp through the 19th Century following the railway expandsion and race to Aberdeen.


An engaging Greek tragedy that flows with enthusiasm and energy towards death, destruction and the inevitably fatal flaws


Great performance poetry mixed with the story of three young people lost in their own creative thinking.


A workshop/performance based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland