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FringeReview Scotland 2021

Black Diamonds and the Blue Brazil

An enticingly dramatic radio play which seeks successfully to bring the drama of lower league football to a much wider audience.

Braw Tales

An innovative and bright response to the pandemic in cartoon and monologue that is as diverse as great to watch.


The ultimate guilty pleasure, and not necessarily in a good way, as the slavery past of Glasgow is blown open in a gentile narrative manner

Hindu Times

A religious text for our times, told in the language of the now with universal messages.


A sumptuous run through 40 years of Black Britain that challenges and assures.


A great festive tale, told with gusto and guile


Kitsch. Retro. Delightful.

Tennis Elbow

An audio treat from a master of toying with your senses.

The Macbeths

A scintillating film of claustrophobic terror in the company of the most infamous fictional duo on the stage.

The Mother Load

Three women, three pregnancies, three experiences, much laughter and revelation in a funny and engaging audio performance.

The Peabody Chronicles

A delightful piece of online drama from an enchanting bunch of actors

Thirteen Fragments

A fascinating poetic musing on the COVID pandemic focused on the resilient experience of women of colour, delivered with great panache.