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FringeReview Scotland 2013

Be Silent or Be Killed

A theatrical retelling of one of the most horrendous terrorist episodes in India told through the eyes of a Scottish businessman caught in the midst of it, through a successful multi visual performance that is certainly true to its source.

Callum’s Road

The story of one man and his road which despite the opposition of the elements, the progress of his daughter and the desertion of his island is celebrated in song and story in traditional Scottish manner


A shocking play that is delightful to watch and admirably brought to our stage by the Stirling based touring company theatre Broad.

I’ll Keep the Light

Excellent, bright and intelligent debut from a new company that mixed ancient with new in spectacular fashion

I’ll Keep the Light

Excellent, bright and intelligent debut from a new company that mixed ancient with new in spectacular fashion

Long Live the Little Knife

A highly impressive piece of theatre from a master of the unusual

Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off By Liz Lochhead

A vibrant and exciting performance from Scotland’ premium youth theatre of Scotland’s Makar’s finest moment

Now’s the Hour

A masterful exploration of the themes of the independence debate by a group of young people who refuse to know better

Passing Through by Alistair Rutherford

A thoroughly pleasant evening in the company of misfits and lovelorn characters that ends as you would wish

Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner

A theatrical homage to a directorial maverick based on witness testimony, gathered physical evidence and the personal experiences of our guide, actor George Anton.


A wide ranging narrative with disturbance and provocation at its centre; never less than likely to make you think this is an exploration of feminism/ femininity/rape and the destruction of our planet.

River Dreaming

A highly engaging trip through an Australian history school project using a well worn youth theatre concept

Some Other Mother

A heart rending poetic piece of theatre that grips your heart, tells it fanciful stories and then rips it to shreds; like a refugee’s experience placed upon a stage.

The Good, the God and the Guillotine

A radical interpretation of Albert Camus’ L’Etranger through animation, music and technology

White Rose

A long awaited revival of Peter Arnott’s first play that is given a highly impressive production by this Borders Company

Wuthering Heights

A highly impressive, witty, absorbing and intriguing take on the issue of masculinity through the eyes and lens of a classic text that is never dull and frequently inspirational.