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FringeReview Scotland 2018

A Brave Face

Theatre where speechlessness translates from the stage and sweeps the audience


Intense revival of a solo performance that continues to be visceral and surprising

Cyrano de Bergerac

A delightful night of theatre in an ensemble piece that brings the leid o oor land tae life fur the fowk tae tak delight wi


An authentic tale of two desperadoes, met in the wrong place, at the wrong time, looking for the right solution but one out of three turns out not to be an option.


A fascinating documentary style run at one of the most important cultural events of the twentieth century in a very creative and highly authentic piece of performance.

This Is Just Who I Am

"utterly hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable"

Three Sisters

Poignantly well balanced exploration of the themes of a Chekhovian classic by a disabled company perfectly able to produce quality theatre