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FringeReview Scotland 2016

20 Plays in 40 minutes

A 40 minute treat filled with uneven delivery but gusto and guts

A Bench On The Road

A startling 7 woman collective piece that tells remarkable individual stories in a striking collective theatrical piece on the role of Italian women in Scotland

At least we can laugh about it

A full hour of laughter and fun from an Icelandic performer that tickles, amuses and makes you guffaw liberally.

Behind the Front Lines; Warriors and Wives

A narrative piece of theatre weaving the story of a wife and a soldier under the conditions of war


A work in progress that looks at preparation for an apocalypse


An incredibly poignant homage to the working class


An exploration of sexuality within the 21st century confines of unconfined and ill defined relationships.

Cracked Tiles

An amusing and poignant solo show look at the value of inheritance


The funeral of a daughter, on the side of Loch Lomond is carefully choreographed by the corpse whilst she is still living.


A short musing film on the nature of curiosity

How You Gonna Live Your Dash?

How are you going to spend your life, in 70 minutes of event that might change your mind.


Youth Theatre commentary on the essentials of life, the universe and an apprenticeships in painting and decorating.

International Waters

An intriguing evening of disaster, mayhem and murder in a cocktail frock

Purposeless Movements

A poignant exploration of cerebral palsy from some who know


The seal performs for us and gets his revenge upon us.

The C Word

A short run through the lives left after cancer steals away a child

The Rise and Inevitable Fall of Lucas Petit

An off beat look at life that highlights rather than sparkles but raises a smile nonetheless

The Silent Treatment

Scotland's leading integrated theatre company deliver an evening you should not keep quiet about

Three Sisters

A mixed reimagining of the classic Russian text in Scotland

Tis A Pity She’s a Whore

Students tackle a morality tale that appears to lack much morality

We Always Knew This Day Was Coming

One man’s journey from fireman to girlfriend to boyfriend as told in 1 minute episodes