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FringeReview Scotland 2014


An inspirational evening that tracks from first drink to beyond the last in the lives of 5 characters brought together by the need to live


An interesting set of memories packaged in theatrical wrapping paper


An intriguing performance that challenges one side of parental relationships

Fragile State of Mind

A fantastic and eclectic mix of fantastic wry observations from this young company

How to sing it

Isobel takes us through an inventive and technically challenging discussion between herself live and on video that looked at how we sound influences how we are perceived.


A somewhat flawed theatrical performance of a translated epic Romanian poem that still managed to entertain and entrance

Into the New 2014; Symposium

Some performances, a launch and a party to showcase excellent cutting edge work

Invisible Empire

A very interesting and engaging live interrogation of conformity that had five actors claim to use movement and song to explore why we conform and why we ought to break free from convention


The story of one woman’s descent from one impersonation to another

Lucid Interval

A challenging and inventive physical theatre piece that explores personal loss in a very unique way

Neighbourhood Forum

An evening where a newly found community – the audience – met to share our experiences, strength and hope against bureaucracy

New Works 2014 – 1914 Machine

An exhilarating journey from France to England with state and private secrets from 1914

On Common Ground

An astonishingly diverse journey through the streets, hearts and minds of a common people with feet on common ground

Outlying Islands

A very welcome re-tread for a great Scottish play


A short run through how media and culture changes will change a sweet 12 year old into a 13 year old from the “whatever” generation


A vibrant and colourfully imaginative journey through the eyes of orphans in Jamaica

Sports Day

A community celebration in the theatre celebrating Geraldine’s retirement as the school janny which is the morning after the night before and also the school sports day

Sunset Song

Scottish classic, classically done by an increasingly impressive company

Tell me what giving up looks like

An incredible riposte to the feel good factor of the sporting excellence of the Commonwealth Games that is poignant, challenging and better than the Games

The Forbidden Experiment

A mixed media performance that is centred around a lonely island in the Firth of Forth that has lots to say but much of it covered in froth

The Forgotten, the Workers, the Dreamers, the Players and the Travellers

A fantastic evocation of the spirit of a city told youthfully and exuberantly by an international cast

The Tin Forest

A half hour of mixed media delight that hits a spot


A fascinating exploration of the elderly and the impact of dementia

Uncle Varick

A classic Chekhov adapted to the swinging sixties in Scotland with some great performances but a flaw that has nothing to do with the cast or Chekhov


Presented as part of the Rip It Up season this a lively and engaging performance from 6 dedicated, and eventually knackered, musicians

Wild Men

A real and highly evocative echo from the past to remind us of the devastating effects of war upon communities