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FringeReview Scotland 2019

549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War

An impressive and dramatic look back at four young men who left Prestonpans and went to fight in the 1930’s conflict which is usually filled with mystique and mythology


A bold reimagining and interpretation of Achilles’ grief and revenge through a superior technical evening of storytelling, dance and song

Baby Face

An uncomfortable night facing uncomfortable truths with comfort coming when you have the decency to condemn the truly indecent


A fascinating examination of the South Korean financial crisis with video, a solo performer and not one but three cuckoos.


An engrossing and fascinating exploration of artistry made by two neurodiverse performers.


Intrigue through choreography, voice, music and an episodic structure which appears odd and piecemeal but is drawn together in a theatrically explosive fashion

Gigantic Lying Mouth

An engaging one man exploration of lying at the end of his life, helped with video, a disembodied voice and facing the harsh truth of his own (previous) existence.


A divergent dance experience that is as eclectic and participative as it is enriching and impressive


A solo piece of contemporary theatre that brings Mary Queen of Scots down to face her nemesis in a fantasy piece of comedic tragedy that is subtly dark and highly entertaining.

Much Taboo About Nothing

An innovative two hander exploring the taboo subject of abortion and its effect on two young parents with an unlikely ending.

Project Y

An astonishing evening of dance that comes from four top choreographers and the cream of young dancers in Scotland

Tantalus /A Pair of Genes

An intimate and personal double bill of what it is like to be alike and different given through and entrancing piece of dance which is rooted in highly personal experience.

Thank You Very Much

A fascinating exploration of mimicry, homage and fitting up and playing in the roles expected with a curling attitude, a pelvic thrust and the right quiff of spectacle

The Dark Carnival

An underground plot with other worldly twists and live turns in a carnival of music and stories that has massive over ground appeal

The Drift

An impressive solo show about how integrated Scotland believes it is but shows us the reality of the length it needs to go, in order to achieve that aim.

The Isle of Brimsker

Enchanting experience for those with multiple challenges which uses the full range of sensory experiences to great effect.

The Monster and Mary Shelley

A solo celebration of the mind that brought Frankenstein from its fevered edges to realisation on the page

The Stornoway Way

An intriguing adaptation of a novel which captures the loneliness of an alcoholic man, in a beautiful landscape that only lights a fire withing him when he leaves it

The Tailor of Inverness

A story, a thread, a suit and intrigue, bound in a fascinating tale told with a violin and a cracking narrative; Mathew Zajac masterfully weaves and unfolds layers of the stories of his father.


A complex exploration of the evolution of theatre which hits often more times than it misses.

Turn the Night

An innovative solo performance framed in the context of a karaoke night where underlying tensions get exposed and examined.


A vibrant hymn to community, its spirit and its defiance.


A solo evocation of a community struggle that alights the energy of the nights and the unbending desire for freedom.