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FringeReview Scotland 2023

A Mother’s Song

An incredible musical feat of centuries of connection made through song, motherhood and a dazzling sense of bridging continents and time with ballads.

A Wee Journey

An exceptionally moving piece of dance theatre which explored migration, refugeehood and connection through the medium of dance, theatre and music, which I truly understood.

Another Nice Mess

An astonishing piece of theatre.

Blaccine First Dose

Three searingly honest and highly engaging, but short solo podcasts about how COVID-19 affected the black community in the UK.

Bus Regulation: The Musical

Fine community agitprop that makes a compelling case for joined up thinking. And roller skating. And public transport.

Christmas Tales

Quaint Festive Fun for all.


Traditional panto, with a new version of a classic that ends with that familiar feeling.

Dear Billy

The very best from us to you, that could be imagined.

Flame Up!

A storytelling feast of improvised tales oft told now given a stage.

Full Ashram Resonant Module [F.A.R.M]

An immersive sound bath of shared symbiotic pleasure


A podcasting firefighting feast for the ears which successfully combines brass bands, the miner’s struggle and working-class legacies.


A fantastic reimagining of a classic tale set in a time we need to be challenged.

May Contain Nuts (*)

A fascinating read-through of a story which so needs to be told.

Moving Cloud

The most astonishing piece of dance theatre I have seen for some considerable time.

Must be this Gay to Ride

A one woman exploration of the gender agenda, which asks some universal LGBT truths in a fascinating monologue.

Pain and I

A poetic musing upon the effect and poignancy of suffering, but not doing so in silence.

Project Y Evolution

A performance guided by the scope of ambition with an energetic and able group of confident dancers.

Same Team

A raw exposition of what it is like being left without a roof until you find hope in a collective heart.

Secret Wrapped in Lead/Saicrets Happit in Leid

In an idyllic setting, with a less than idyllic storyline, an astonishing debut from a new company firmly now on the Clydesdale map – a wrunkelt an captivatin wunner.

Skunk without K is Sun

Tramway Theatre A beautiful teasing exploration of a theatrical mixture of Opera and Theatre.


An amusing drama about a washing machine that takes a sinister turn.

The Emergence Festival

A fascinating evening of well-considered works that augur well for many with a real future in the arts.

The I of the Beholder

An impressive performance piece which merges beauty with ugly truths


A searing solo performance of the life of a man struggling to survive in the worst of circumstances.

Too Close to the Sun

A perfectly pitched environmental tale for those of an age when it truly matters.

Unforgettable Girl

A danced, poised, graceful, explosion of dance which questions so much about our ethnicity and dealing with others.

Up a Close

A flawed slice of successful nostalgia.

Urban Nan

A walking tour that never leaves your ears, but takes you on a fantastic final journey

Who Killed my Father?

Surrogate Productions