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FringeReview Scotland 2016


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Drama Students

Genre: Film

Venue: Sloans, Bar, Argyle Street, Glasgow


Low Down

This was a very short film around one character who is an outsider in his world, becomes detached and travels away to find himself, others and the beauty of connection.


I think there was around 12 minutes in total that followed Hinker who did not fit in, on his planet before the great and the good thought, get him to do what the rest of us are doing. Holding down the other planets with rope is what they were doing so Hinker did so too. He then wondered about what was on the other end of his rope and so went to look and see. Arriving in this new planet found him make a friend, who helped him to go exploring.

This was a marvellous piece of film making that enchanted and curious childlike quality of exploration come to life. It used a variety of techniques and materials that the students were keen to show off afterwards. There was nothing in it which offended, plenty in that entranced and more than a hint of simplistic joy that made you ooh and aah in equal measure.

Techniques used were managed with a flourish and though this was less Disney it was more heartfelt, there were enough rough edges to notice the joins; not that it mattered over much. The story unfolded rather than you feeling you were being led towards conclusions about massive issues; it became a personal story that therefore made universal sense. The roughness and the edges that were jaggy made it more endearing rather than a slick and polished piece of storytelling that seemed saccharine and sickly.

I had a great 12 minutes with this piece and hope that it develops further. If it does not, then it sits as a great wee film that should have a wider audience.