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FringeReview USA 2019

The Magic of Ryan Kane

Ryan Kane (Sausalito, CA)

Genre: Comedy, Magic

Venue: Exit Theatre

Festival: ,

Low Down

“Playing cards levitate, whiskey bottles appear from nowhere, and a paintball gun is fired at the man behind it all. This is the award winning Magic of Ryan Kane. Please Enjoy Responsibly.”


In his one hour show award-winning San Francisco based magician Ryan Kane quite simply wows the audience!

Kane is a creative and highly skilled magician using every day objects in his sleight of hand tricks. He immediately develops an easy rapport with the audience and draws us in with his wit.

In the realm of shows built around magic Kane is original in his introduction and verbal setup to each sequence and how he integrates the audience. This is not only refreshing but it is also engaging and we are willing participants in his journey. Kane’s onstage personality is smart and quick thinking. He does not rely on a hatful of cliché commentary or well-worn jokes but has his own take on things.

Kane moves agilely around the stage populated with minimal props, two very small tables with a few well-chosen accoutrements, a stool, a chair and an attache case. What is fascinating is that while Kane tells a short anecdote he calmly produces things out of the air, transports items, swiftly segways to a different theme – and reads minds! Each trick leads to another, some have a very short personable introduction while others are longer and imaginative – such as the one with a paintball, which is fun, impressive and highly entertaining.

Using his dry humor, fascinating naiveté, slight edginess and astute observations Kane’s lines land well and if they don’t quite do so, then he has a fascinating way of using facial reactions – that is just as interesting!

One never wants to give spoilers about a magic show – and I won’t – suffice it to say that Kane does a variety of very effective magic that is always involving. He gives clear and entertaining directions throughout and even does a deconstructed trick with a small ball and an audience member that delights everyone, through its simplicity and complicity.

Somehow Kane makes us feel smart, even when what he is doing is beyond most of us, this is a rare quality and possibly comes from the mutual respect developed between this performer and the audience as he deftly interacts and entertains. This is definitely a two-way sharing where a performer talks to us and not at us. Kane is an accomplished showman who lets the magic speak for itself, and it does.

Therefore, if you are curious about the magic of Ryan Kane, then go to the show to see what it’s all about – this show is very entertaining, and will wow you!