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Hollywood Fringe 2018

Vixen DeVille Revealed

Vixen DeVille

Genre: Cabaret, International, Solo Show

Venue: The Lounge


Low Down

Behind the persona of a burlesque performer.


Vixen DeVille is a vivacious and dynamic burlesque performer who can do it all; walk on glass, eat fire, and aerial dance. The woman behind the façade, Brit Cat LeCohie, reveals that there are some things she never thought she could do, and some things she told herself she’d never be able to do again. As she boldly confronts her fears and insecurities onstage in a show that is both hilarious and heartfelt, the audience is invited to do the same. (At times literally, as audience members can actually get onstage for a live fire-eating or glass-walking lesson!) This show was named the Best International Show at the HFF awards.

LeCohie takes us on her journey of transformation from awkward young woman to a confident powerhouse. She tells the story of how she saw the image of an Amazonian dominatrix on the tag of a corset and declared, “I want to be her.” Soon enough, Vixen DeVille was born and she started to develop a unique brand that is a blend of tongue-in-cheek humor, magic, and derring-do.
Throughout the course of the show, Cat describes her career trajectory, and how she played to her strengths and learned how to add stunts to her burlesque act, concentrating on the broader meaning of burlesque beyond striptease. She relates how a terrible accident forced a change in her career, and how she shifted her focus to teaching self-empowerment and body confidence workshops.
In this show, the most difficult trick Cat reveals is not fire-eating or glass-walking, but the defeat of the demons that stop you from becoming who you are meant to be, or doing the things your heart wants to do. By demonstrating onstage how she “gets back on the horse,” she empowers the audience to do the same. Cat’s show is entirely generous, funny, thrilling, and absolutely inspiring.
There are just two more performances on July 7-8, and adventurous audience members can purchase a VIP glass walking or fire eating experience. A definite must-see, especially for anybody in need of a confidence boost or that extra inspiration to go out and be fabulous! ELLEN WARKENTINE