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San Francisco Fringe 2015

The Ineffable Experience of Impossible Achievements

Sebastian Boswell III

Genre: Wondrous Demonstrations

Venue: Exit Theatre


Low Down

“A presentation of wondrous demonstrations of the mind and body, collected over years of travel to many exotic lands, at the instruction of remarkable people.”


The Ineffable Experience of Impossible Achievements is a new professional show performed by seasoned mentalist Sebastian Boswell III. He is a charismatic performer, a singular fellow with airs from the past, resplendent in a dapper suit and white shoes with black patent leather detail. Boswell’s theatrical voice resonates around the theatre with crisp diction. On stage there is a table, red carpet and a huge exotic golden vase with green mosaic decoration, with a narrow neck. He is precise in everything he says and does, for precision is part of his stock in trade. At the outset, he states that he is not a magician but does demonstrations. And what demonstrations they are!

Boswell is also a personable storyteller and instructor as he presents his “Wondrous demonstrations of the Mind and Body”. He sometimes invites audience members to assist him, which they are pleased to do, because of his impressive skills and compelling personality. First he offers interesting anecdotes about the topic, then clear directions about what he will do before completing each demonstration. Such demonstrations involve a variety of items such as playing cards or an astonishing interactive game with the audience, where he read minds. He explains how the mind works through brain waves… Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta…before one fascinating demonstration of his mental powers, it’s truly remarkable and seems impossible!

Articulate, entertaining and funny, Boswell performs various feats of mind reading. He tells us how he has travelled across the world for many years studying different techniques with specialists in London, Paris and more. It sounds romantic and beyond the reach of most of us, but if it’s true – and he says it is – we are pleased that Boswell III underwent and endured such intensive training in order to entertain us! Inspired by mysterious rituals, Boswell indulges us in an impressive display of mind-over-matter, walking on glass. Suffice it to say, divulging more detail about The Ineffable Experience of Impossible Achievements and what actually happens would spoil the enjoyment of any future audience member. Therefore, please take it on trust that you will be seriously astonished by Sebastian Boswell III and thoroughly entertained. Outstanding show!