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San Francisco Fringe 2018

The Secret Language

Allen Gittleson

Genre: Mind Reading

Venue: Exit Theatre


Low Down

Ever feel an incredible connection with someone where they know your thoughts? Ever get the sensation you know what they’re thinking? Is it psychic? No, it’s The Secret Language. Join Mind Reader Allen Gittelson as he shows you how to read people and influence others. Amaze yourself in this exhilarating and interactive experience and gain a better understanding of the human mind.


Moving from the stage to the audience throughout the show, Allen Gittleson is energetic and focused. In his introduction he tells us that we will read each other’s minds, which sounds intriguing but can this really happen?

Sharply dressed in a brown three-piece suit and a large striped bow tie, Gittleson gives us directions to think of certain things and note them down on small pieces of paper. During the course of the one-hour show he asks questions, interacts with several different people and reads their mind. Out loud Gittleson talks to someone in the front, or the back row and he knows what they are thinking about.

Time passes quickly in the presence of this amiable skilled artist. Topics that came up at the performance I attended ranged from work to fashion, and there’s a hush as someone is called upon and we wait to hear what he will tell them they are wresting with in their daily life. Will he be correct – can he really read their mind? How is that even possible?

It’s all very fascinating when he makes predictions about every day events with humor building up to a new story and more mind reading. Gittleson uses minimal props and those he does use are very simple. His delivery is fast at times, and he gives foolproof clear directions to the audience to set up his feats. He’s funny and a bit freaky, effectively using gestures and incorporating mime and physical comedy.

He develops a quick and easy rapport with the audience and makes everyone feel welcome and taken care of in each story, which may be visual, may seem random but is always impressive! Needless to say, we don’t want to give spoilers, therefore, you need to see the show in person to see what happens.

Is there really a secret language and can we use it to our advantage? Gittleson doesn’t give much away and neither should we. In all this is an entertaining show, that is a nice change of pace. It flows well and is full of surprises – and the impossible happens in front of our eyes – Recommended!