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San Francisco Fringe 2018

I K(no)W

Kel' Wil'

Genre: Solo Performance

Venue: Exit Theatre


Low Down

The lengths one woman will go to to NOT say no. And what happens when she starts saying it. Tale complete with international pooping in pants scenes, shimmy dance and redemption.


Standing center stage, Kel’ Wil’ (aka Kellita) wears a stylish red jumpsuit and speaks to us about a very embarrassing moment in her life. Her story is mainly about her personal life growing up, getting sick and returning to her welcoming mother to take care of her. She is a caring daughter to a respected mother.

Kel’ Wil’ is expressive in her storytelling and is an open book. She speaks candidly and directly to the audience sharing personal stories and anecdotes about her family.

Through humor, raw emotion and with a positive spirit Kel’ Wil’ is eager for everyone to not only learn from her experiences and challenges but she also shares some of her healing techniques with us. It’s very interesting as we discover we have our own personal strengths and Kel’ Wil’ shows us how to harness them. She has made her own discovery of happiness, the Showgirl Awakening – and she tells us about it enthusiastically. A new theme brings about a change of pace and tone and her stories flow from her.

Could this be a catharsis? Sharing such a vivid emotional story through her interpretations, personal philosophy and feelings may resonate with others as well as her. She was nervous and paused to centre herself a couple of times at the performance I attended, but she quickly regrouped and continued.

Kel’ Wil’ elaborates and demonstrates her healing techniques all too briefly by standing tall with graceful strong posture and extended arms and a few moves. She has the audience in the palm of her hands, completely drawn in. I admit to becoming a bit lost around the “boom boom, drip drip” part but it is all fascinating and Kel’ Wil’ charmed us – Recommended!